Our Mission

We try to be a welcoming Christ-centred community in which the Gospel is proclaimed, lived and celebrated.

  1. We are a Eucharistic community worshipping and honouring the Holy Trinity through Christ present in the sacraments and the word.
  2. We try to care for each other spiritually, pastorally and socially.
  3. We support the worldwide church with prayer, finance and personal work.
  4. We work with other Christian communities to be a presence of Christ in the local area
  5. We try to be prophets in the world by practising Christís teaching while respecting other faiths and traditions.
  6. We try to nurture the faith, knowledge and gifts of individuals in the parish as they respond to the call of Christ.
  7. We try to maintain the resources of the parish so that they support its mission now and in the future.
Mass Times:

Saturday 6.30pm (Vigil)
Sunday 10.00am
Monday 9.00am
Tuesday 9.00am
Wednesday 9.00am
Thursday 9.00am
Friday 9.00am
Saturday 10.00am

Holy days:Masses 9am and 7.30pm
Confessions:Sat 10.30am -11am
or at anytime by request