For all baptisms please contact either Canon James Callaghan or Deacon Arblaster to arrange.  We are looking for new catechists to support this sacrament.  Please contact Deacon David for further information.


The Reconciliation programme is open for all children in Year 3 and above.  It will run on Thursday evenings through Lent. The first session will take place 27th February and run until 2nd April 2020. Further details about when this preparation will be completed will be provided soon.

The First Communion programme is open for all children in Year 4 and above.  It runs on Thursday evenings through May and June. Due to the impact of Covid 19 sessions have not been run in Spring/Summer 2020.  As soon as the bishop has decided when preparation can re-start we will update you with further details.

For further details please see the bulletin and contact

We run Family catechises which requires a family-member adult to attend sessions with the children to support them on their journey.

We are looking for additional catechists to join this group.


The Confirmation programme is open for children in Year 6 and above. The programme will run on Thursdays in Autumn.  Please contact Deacon David Arblaster for further details.


Please contact Canon James Callaghan to arrange.