For all baptisms please contact either Canon James Callaghan or Deacon Arblaster to make the arrangements.


Our Diocese have recently sent us outline plans for the preparation and celebration of the above sacraments for our children and young people. The “normal” programmes are suspended, as you would expect but some work may be possible “on-line”, by use of DVDs or by using the relevant books to catechise children, with some remote support from the Parish.  These programmes are totally dependant on parents catechising their own children for these sacraments, using whichever of the above means are most useful, though all candidates will receive the relevant book.  Where possible remote support will be provided.

Enrolment forms for first confession and first communion will be available this weekend and can be collected from church or, in the case of St. Robert’s from the parish office during normal working hours i.e. 9.30am to 4.30am.  Candidates who were enrolled earlier in the year before lockdown to prepare for first confession do not need to enrol again, but should complete the appropriate form for first holy communion  which they will be able to receive in Eastertide of 2021.  We would ask that all enrolments are completed by the 2nd Sunday of Advent i.e. Sunday 6th December.

Once we have an idea of the numbers of children enrolled, we can then order the resources (i.e. DVDs and books) or alternatively provide parents with the internet link to the material on the Diocesan website.

Please note the following

  1. The children eligible to enrol for first confession and first holy communion are within the following school year groups: The present Year 3, plus last years cohort, now in Year 4  should enrol for the sacrament of first confession. The present Year 5 who have yest to receive first holy communion should enrol for that sacrament. (If any of these students have not yet received first confession, they should enrol for both) .
  2. Year 6 and any students now in Year 7, or above, will be invited to enrol for the sacrament of confirmation in the first quarter of next year, with a view to the sacrament being celebrated around Pentecost.  Enrolment for confirmation will take place in the first quarter of next year, with a view to the sacrament being celebrated around Pentecost.

The Enrolment Letter for these sacraments is is attached on the link below:

.                                           Enrolment Letter 2020-21


The Confirmation programme is open for children in Year 6 and above. New arrangements for the next programme are being considered in response to COVID-19 restrictions and will be publised in the bulletin when they are available.


Please contact Canon James Callaghan to arrange.